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A lot of my business friends are extremely confused about what 'opportunity' it is I'm "focused" at. To live a fulfilling & contributing lifestyle. And how anyone can do IT!

Simply ask yourself this: If there would be a way to save money + increase productivity + earn optional cash-back on goods and services you are using already?

Earn With Earnie

A $1,000,000 Lesson

NEVER ever CHASE the flow of MONEY! Every buying decision I ever made and will make, is to fulfil a need, save time/money, bridge a gap, to get me from A to Better faster. How much something costs? Is not really relevant to me. Instead, it's all about how much value I can 'squeeze' from a purchase and how fast I can be break-even. As a result I rarely join hype, and I laugh at people who talk about 'market saturation'. As long as you're a happy customer and your neighbours never heard about it? Abundance of opportunity!

Be your own customer

*) Did I become a customer of ALL companies from the get-go? To create an increase in (monthly) reoccurring costs? NO, of course not! And here's again how I'm different from 'marketers' who hop from one 'opportunity' to the next without ever using a product. And it's these type of people (I called them 'cows' here) who then preach about FOCUS, and how you should stick to something even if you don't earn money. "Treat it as a business" ? NO! Not when you've been a consumer all your life! Instead become an Affiliate Ambassador and you can't fail.

Learn to Save Money

Also shared this at my profile back in 2012: Formula for financial freedom = residual income – residual bills >= 0. To earn more money, starts with learning how to cut down on your expenses, by eliminating costs, and replacing a bunch of things by 1 or a free solution. Do what feels comfortable with the budget you got. But definitely chose 1 company which pays out over multiple generations of happy customers. As that will GUARANTEE LONG TERM fully passive income streams through teamwork and leverage.

A Few Final Thoughts

Something I've very keen on is; location independent entrepreneurship. Which is not about travelling the world 4 times a year of 3 months each; although you can if you want to. As all you need is a laptop and smartphone these days. The point I'm trying to make: the only address I have that has been the same for a decade? Is my email address! I do NOT do physical product relationship marketing type of deals, cause whereto would they have to ship it? Besides the fact -- and it doesn't matter what angle you look at it -- that those pills, potions, lotions, perfume, waterfilter type of deals? ALL got volume based compensation plans. Meaning 'stacking stuff' in your garage for the sole purpose to qualify for a "sales bonus" with goods you cannot sell, nor consume. Been there; done that; never again! If that's YOUR definition of value? Doing others a disfavour for the sake of making a quick buck? Then you will probably not be a great addition to any of my ambassador teams. Last but not least; 1000+ apps? Quite a lot. If I had to start all over? See my 6-figure coaching.

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