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There's an increasing population of (lacking a better word) who ALL the time that getting success is difficult. I'll tell you right now; it is not!

The keyword in everything you do in life: priorities!

When I sit down with eager(!) students, I usually ask one of these questions: What would you do if money was no longer an object? / What would you do if you would win the lottery jackpot? / What would you do if you could fire your boss; to enjoy early retirement with your spouse? / What could life be like as a stay-at-home parent? What would you still like to experience before you die?

Besides the fact that most people lost touch with their dreams, it's crucial to know whereto go.

No vehicle can do that for you! Without a destination or clear vision, your ship shall not leave it's safe harbour. Start with an end in mind. And let us help you to develop a detailed plan to live a full life! Read and watch more @ "Transformation"-tab

My Bucketlist / Goals

These lists are extremely personal and are different for everybody. The only person you have to answer to? Is the one you look at in the mirror ~ MJ

Ur health is your life
  • Keep a splendid health & physical condition
  • Celebrate my accomplishments daily
  • Mentally exercise 1-2 hours per day
  • Continue to connect & assist entrepreneurs
  • Devote more resources to charitable causes
  • Visit more Unesco world heritage sites
Rhyker's Visionboard

My VisionBoard August 2012

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