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2015: What to expect?

At the 4th of August 2014 this Leo turned 35 with an early mid-life crisis as a result. I LOVE to educate and teach, but in my constant pursuit of stilling my hunger for knowledge, combined with creativity explosions and motto's like "do or do not, there's no try". I get myself into crazy situations. I already overcome this, but uptil September 2014, there were still some things I was doing the same, and -- not surprisingly -- were giving the same short-term results. "Eeekkkkk, what does that mean?!"

What do you think it means? I was involved in NDA projects and business plans, you don't know about, cause I cannot talk about them. I just do (more).

It means I'm gonna tone down a bit; to create more time to focus more on me. I still want to do some kick ass things in the 'second half of my life', but I'm running into walls health wise (over and over and over again), and I'm tired of blaming and/or explaining it has to do with my 'Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder' (got diagnosed in 2012).

I'm done with 'IT' !

Hyperactivity turns me into a superhuman (or super nerd). But also burns energy faster than it comes in.

I want to be more balanced, to not only rely on automation and further develop non-nerdy skills like social abilities. Which is something that I'm just undermining all the time at the moment. Life behind a PC used to be romantic. But I'm done with being a nerd. For things to change? I (again) have to first!

Freedom & Prosperity

Cause the income you earn with a good job, or as business owner is great, but ultimately? It's about being able to do WHAT YOU WANT and WHEN YOU WANT to do it. Moreover, real prosperity means enjoying abundance in every sense of the word -- which includes money, homes, and other materialistic things, as well as good health, a spiritual foundation, and strong relationships.

Life is meant to be lived in abundance! However, those who have truly attained success in all aspects of life, know there is more that needs to be done to live a life of fulfilment and gratitude.

"Without knowing the optimal path, life tends to meander like a stream. A stream will take you down the mountain, but it will never take you to the top" ~ source: The Compass. See video trailer top right.

A More Elevated Life

This 'holy man' is just cleverly illustrating the idea of pursuing enlightenment, rather then accumulating a lot of nothingness in an average human lifespan.

"How does that affect me?"  Well, if you have a huge question mark on your face right now? :-) It probably won't. And rest assured, cause I only work with the best of the best in their respective industries, and education is my 'thing' ... you probably won't even notice I'm not around ... as I wasn't around again for the past 10 days either ...

And still 'things' just kept rolling. One of the great benefits of working in true teams. And that other way it affects you? You'll be seeing me more in real life. No worries my religion/political view is still 404.

To live MY dreamlife!

Oh, when it comes to earning money online? Well, I figured something out! The higher the product price? The bigger the learning curve. So with more effectively priced products I make more money, easier, to have more time to actually spend the money or at least just chill. And with a very slimmed down digital toolbox (no monthly overhead) I can keep most of my earnings. And paying that forward!

Belief in 2nd chances?

Richard Biggs -- playing Dr. Franklin on Babylon 5 -- passed away much too early due to an unexpected heart problem. This clip was played at his memorial service and is trivial reminder to all!

Regardless what age you have, or what your life's experience has been so far? It's the right time, right now, to get dead serious. To celebrate life. Look at this way: What if you had a bank account that credited you $86,400 per day? Would you waste it?

We have 86400 seconds in a day. Use them wisely.

Curriculum Illusione

Lets just imagine you only have 1 week, 1 month or maybe less than 1 year to live? What would you do? What CAN you do? Who would you take with you? A Curriculum Illusione is a blueprint for the future. You cannot predict it, but you can create it. As life is not about finding yourself, life is about creating yourself!

By becoming a meth cook and dealer like Mr. White in the hitseries "Breaking Bad"? That's indeed leaving a legacy too. But maybe not the kind of legacy you like to be remembered by. What video do you want to be played at your memorial service?

Right Frame of Mind!

Congrats! You should have had a few new ideas for life experience already; jot them down on a piece of paper; your bucketlist! Got no money to realise your goals? Being broke has nothing to do with finances! It's all about mindset. Get a crystal clear vision where you want to go, plan it, dream it, and DO It!

Fast Track to Success

What you bombard your senses with, is what will stick (eventually). One of my all-time fav quotes is from Robert T. Kiyosaki: "You cannot do, what you don't know about". Every decision you ever took till now, has brought you were you are today financially, spiritually, etc. To make better decisions you need to (I do) continuously re-educate and develop yourself, to built upon present beliefs ...

Residual Income ?

Financial Coach Robert T. Kiyosaki explains

And when you combine your current computer skills (or lack of them) with a fully online based (L)earning platform that's ready for you to plug into?

Then you basically skip my decade of failing, and start earning small fortunes within a month with 'recommendation marketing' on complete auto-pilot due to fully automated marketing systems. Earning money with Information Technology is a science; not voodoo! But hmm; wait a minute!

Recommended Reading

Familiar with the phrase: "Leaders are Readers" ?

I can give you a list of books to read (like most other 'leaders' do). Roughly half of them are available in the public domain (legal free downloads), but the other half -- from authors like Tim Ferris, Anthony Robbins, Randy Gage, Les Brown, Zig Zigglar, Jim Rohn -- you would have to purchase in bookstores. "The cost of doing Business" / expenses that's often called. I disagree with that statement! As MPCA and CI clearly proof. Next to getting paid to advertise any kind of business, you get Freemium access to an online success library. They bought the rights of redistribution in bulk, and you get $500 worth in audio & e-books for FREE. So now "your business can truly grow as fast as you grow yourself". Become a Freedom Fighter like us!

To Experience More!

Review: Howto Travel 5-stars on a 'beer budget' ?

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